10 Great Tips For Your Dental Hygiene

Dental care and oral hygiene are recommended since times immemorial because we learned the significance of same for healthy teeth. Although hereditary reasons also play important role in determining the health of our teeth, the role of proper oral care cannot be downplayed. But despite the general awareness that begins to build up from childhood and school days, most of us do not know the correct techniques and methods of oral hygiene and better teeth cleaning. This causes lots of teeth/gum problems in childhood and adulthood and in the older age also when the teeth begin to fall. Thus there is need to popularize the best techniques right from the beginning so that teeth health is optimized and we can enjoy our favorite foods for life without any problems. Leading dentist in Katraj Dhankawadi offers the following tips and counsels towards healthy and strong teeth.

  • Proper brushing is fundamental to healthy teeth

Everyone should learn the correct technique of brushing. It is important to note that most of us take teeth brushing for granted and do it haphazardly each day while rushing for the daily routine tasks. Experts say that complete cleaning of teeth is possible only when all the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. These include the outer surface, the inner surface and the flat tops of the molars and grand molars. Further, it is recommended that the action of the toothbrush need to be up down and not zigzag type.

  • Flossing is a necessary complement to brushing

Regular flossing is good for teeth health because it helps to remove the food particles that remain trapped in the inter teeth spaces where brush cannot reach. It is advised that flossing be done daily after brushing so that the trapped food does not serves towards bacterial multiplication in mouth.

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol use is directly linked to the bad teeth. The earliest signs develop in the form of discoloration of the teeth which are followed by other periodontal complications.

  • Avoid too much soda drinks, coffee and tea

Too much use of carbonated beverages causes leaching of the teeth minerals and enamel gets affected; while occasional use gives ample time for the repair of the weakened enamel on the teeth. Coffee excess use can result into depletion of calcium – an essential component for teeth health. Coffee use also results into discoloration of teeth.

  • Calcium and other minerals are good for your teeth

It is good to manage the calcium levels in body, if teeth are to be retained as strong and healthy. Calcium rich foods like milk should be taken regularly, especially by children who have their teeth growing. Supplements should be considered only after proper consultation with the dentist or med practitioner.

  • Regularly visit your dentist

According to a leading dentist in Katrak Dhankawadi, regular visit to your dentist is one of the necessary things to be included in lifestyle; because this helps in the early diagnosis and proper treatment of the teeth problems that are in nascent stage. Teeth weakness could be also diagnosed through symptoms that we take for granted.

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10 Benefits Which You Can Get Through Teeth Whitening

We need our teeth for a very important function – chewing our food. Only when we chew our food properly, it gets digested well. That’s not all. The set of healthy, white teeth, we have is also part of our personality. We look better when our teeth shine bright. The color of teeth differs from person to person due to various reasons including heredity. Moreover, all teeth undergo discoloration due to food habits, smoking, etc. All of us do like to have a set of shiny, white teeth, don’t we? The tooth whitening treatment in Magarpatta Hadapsar will give you exactly that – brilliant white teeth.

Shall we look at the advantages of going for tooth whitening treatment with us? Here they are:

  1. Impressive personality

    Needless to say, having shiny white teeth changes your appearance a lot and adds to your personality. In fact, a wide smile is something that makes for an attractive personality. Without a set of white teeth, you tend to be self conscious about smiling or showing your teeth. Just as a smile showing your white teeth gives a good impression, discolored, dirty looking teeth gives a bad impression. You do want to make the best impression on whomever you meet, don’t you?

  1. An adorable smile

    All of you love to express our happiness by smiling. An adorable smile is always a pleasant sight to see. However, when you have discolored or yellowish teeth, you feel inhibited about smiling widely. When you do try to smile without showing your teeth, it looks very odd and artificial. So this tooth whitening treatment makes you shed your inhibitions and allows you to smile as you please.

  1. Self confidence

    A set of bright and shiny teeth not just makes you look better and have a dazzling smile. It goes a long way in making you feel confident too. Just as clothes maketh a man, a smile also counts a lot in making you feel self confident. When you feel confident, it makes you feel positive and you get the courage to go ahead and easily achieve what you want. So again this is another way, the tooth whitening treatment will help you.

  1. More youthful look

    The tooth whitening process not just improves your personality, it also makes you look young. With bright, shiny teeth, you will have a youthful appearance.

  1. Better oral care and awareness

    The dentists who do the tooth whitening treatment in MagarpattaHadapsar also help you take better care of your teeth and create awareness in you about oral hygiene.

  1. Affordable treatment

    Another advantage of this tooth treatment is that is affordable. You can gain a flashy smile and a buoyant personality at reasonable rates.

  1. A non surgical simple process

    This is a simple, non-invasive procedure with no risks involved. It is an outpatient procedure.


Source by Creative dental Clinic